Although The Columbus Food Hub inspires to customize its' services to its members' needs, The Columbus Food Hub offers three different base memberships.  A Tier 1 Membership includes access to The Hub and kitchen availability.  A Tier 2 Membership includes the aforementioned plus use of the meat processing area and seafood processing area, which is perfect for caterers.  A Tier 3 Membership includes all of the aforementioned plus cooler space, freezer space, further cooked meats' processing, packaging and outside event parking.  If these memberships are more than you need or require, you may opt to just store your food truck or cart in the secured fenced-in storage area or store some dry goods within the premises, utilize freezer and or cooler space or just register The Columbus Food Hub as your commissary.  Whatever you needs may be, The Columbus Food Hub will endeavor to accommodate you.

All memberships enjoy a 14,000 square foot facility, a restaurant/eatery to exhibit and to sell their wares, outside event parking, wholesale meat and seafood pricing, if desired, USDA daily inspection, free meat-cutting demonstrations, free business planning and consulting and free advertising on THECOLUMBUSFOODHUB.COM website.  We can even point you in the right direction of low interest loans or grants.  We also have a preferred developer for a brick and mortar start-up.  For those who wish to utilize the parking, we offer electric hook-up, water, compressed air, deep frying oil disposal, waste water disposal (gray water) and garbage disposal.  We even have a mechanic on board should your truck or trailer need servicing!

As described in our HOME page and above, members who utilized the kitchen may sell their wares in the attached restaurant/eatery called Oak Street Meats & Seafood.  This makes The Columbus Food Hub your one-stop-shop for success!  We also offer a second separate commercial kitchen just for caterers away from those running their restaurant in The Hub.

As a point of interest, The Columbus Food Hub collaborates with many local businesses such as Forge Columbus, Local Matters, the Greener Grocer, The Columbus Foundation, United Provision Meat Seafood & Catering, Oak Street Meats & Seafood, SBA and a preferred developer for a brick and mortar.  This support from other local businesses helps to reinforce and solidify relationships, future collaborations, business recognition and, of course, business success!